affinity basic t-bar heat
Comprar affinity basic t-bar heat
Venta affinity basic t-bar heat
affinity basic t-bar heat
Comprar affinity basic t-bar heat
Venta affinity basic t-bar heat


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  • 31,9mm | Standart
  • 34,9mm | Oversized


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The Affinity Bassic T-Bar is still made just as strongly as the Affinity Classic Bars and is still made in the USA with USA made products. Instead of using 4130 Chromoly Steel they decided to use a more cost effective material called DOM which is still just has strong as Chromoly and it is approved by the NHRA. Also these bars are locally powder coated as well. If you're looking for a cheap pair of strong bars, these are definitely for you.

Standard bars are compatable with SCS as is. For IHC a slit must be installed in the bars. Not compatable with HIC.


To accomplish the task of creating an affordable T bar with the same fabrication and welding we went back and rethought our material choice. Instead of using 4130 Chromoly we opted for a more cost effective yet strong material. This material is called DOM. Both Chromoly and DOM are used standard in roll cages and are both approved by the NHRA. 

Basic T bars come in 2 colors - Gloss Black and Gloss Clear and is available in Standard and Oversized options. The crossbar is .083" thick, just like our Classic T bars and measure in at 22" wide. Bar height is ever increasing in our sport which is why we opted for 26" tall with a .065" thick tube. 

As always, the material is american sourced, the craftsmanship is by riders, for riders in the USA and the powder coating is durable and done locally.

Product Details

Standart (31,9mm) - Oversized (34,9mm)
22"x 26"
Compresion System
NO Backsweep

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