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What are the differences between a longboard and a conventional skateboard?

Skateboard decks are smaller than longboard decks so it allows you to slide at more speed with more smoothness, and even though it may reduct the hability to do tricks compared to an skateboard it sure will be better to a daily use as transportation.

The specific characteristics that difference a longboard from the rest of skateboards are the following: longer board usually longer than 80cm and some even measure more than 1,6m long. Trucks are also wider which allow longboard wheels to be bigger and they’re made of softer urethane. You can adquire longboards and different component in our online shop at the best price.

It is also popular known for speed downhills on road. Some of the most known longboarders have reached the speed of 120km/h on a board (Yes, we are also scared of this fact). The peculiarity of having a bigger board brings the user more stance and the possibility of making spins with it (like 360º).

Inside the longboard practice we can cathegorize different styles and modalities and each one has different boards specialized for a better, easier and safer longboard sesh.

Types of longboards and modalities


Cruising consists on using your board as transport. Going to class, work or just crossing the whole city with your longboard is one of the most usual practices. Have you thought of changing your bike for something more handy and easier to store?

Technically they’re shorter skateboards which have a less noticeable tail in order to fase the different obstacles by leaning on it. In our longboard cathegory you can find different colors, styles and graphics for choosing your favourite board.


More than a modality it’s an specific style of longboarding. In which you skateboard from side to side of the road making spins and zigzags, pretty similar to snowboarding.

They’re boards with sizes usually from 34” to 41” (86,3 to 104,1 cm) and they have flex, and the softer bushings to easy the spin of the trucks.


No fear. Downhill is the most extreme practice of longboarding, where you can reach the top speeds (around 120km/h). Of course it’s a discipline for professionals, with a unusual control and a total commit to reach bigger speeds with their longboard. It might seem odd but first we recommend you is to learn how to brake and stop before you go down some steep hills. The sliding-drifting technics and the footbrake are essential for not crashing hard.

As same as the braking and sliding in Downhill, we should also take care of the rest parts of the board and the safety gear you should use… ALL. From head to toe. You can check our category for longboard safety gear. 


Sliding, compared to Carving it’s become a modality not an style. It moves a lot of people and contest are made. It consists on sliding your board in control, usually downnhill. We speak about this style because its also the most efficient and fast way to slow down. There’s different famous slides known as the “Coleman”, the “Toe Slide” or the “Heelslide”.

Boards are pretty similar to the ones used for Carving but they have harder wheels, therefore reducing the grippyness to the floor. For making the most of this practice the harder boards with a great lateral concave are the best. 

Dancing or Steps

Longboard dancing is made by dancing on your board from the from to the back, crossing foots, spinning and jumping over it. If you’re willing to practice this modality get some safety gear in our shop.

The boards are the biggest dimensions starting from 45” (114,3cm) which have a great flex in order to perform tricks on them.

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We love longboard skate!

When Jay Adams convinced his group of friends to surf the concrete he never thought that years later, that inconformism that always caracterized surfers, would become a social trend and passion which grows new skateboarders and longboarders all around the world.

The californian was one of the pioneers in longboarding, which ended up in being one of the top embassadors of today’s pressence of skateboarding. Him and his group of friends popularized this sport, one of the most practiced nowadays. And they made it by skateboarding in abandoned pools at Santa Monica (California), and there’s where they started pool skateboarding 

The skateboard movement has always gathered values that longboarders represent best: nature lovers, which do not contaminate or consume fuel by going on roads. They’re also adrenaline addicts, they need it as much as breathing and they live on top of their boards all day long. All this has increased the longboard sales this past years.